REFINE PROJECT follows the latest EC published Report on the definition of nanomaterials.

The European Commission has recently published in the JRC Science for Policy Report journal, An overview of concepts and terms used in the European Commission’s definition of nanomaterial.

The report addresses its key concepts and terms and discusses them in a regulatory context. Corresponding to the broad scope of the definition the considerations in this report can be applied across all relevant legislative areas; they are not specific to any particular piece of legislation. The report provides recommendations for a harmonised and coherent implementation of the nanomaterial definition in any specific regulatory context at European Union and national level.

More information and report download available at:


Upcoming Events

December 12th-13th 2018 REFINE General Assembly Meeting Dübendorf Switzerland

Meeting date:12th-13th December 2018 venue: Dübendorf.  

REFINE consortium met for the first year General Assembly at EMPA in Dübendorf, where to discuss extensively on regulatory science for nanomedicine and nanobiomaterials. 

External Advisory Board member supported the discussion.

November 14th 2018 REFINE WP4 Meeting Düsseldorf Consortium meeting on starter assays development

WP4 aims to develop a starter set of assays addressing different preclinical safety issues of nanobiomaterials requested by regulatory agencies. For this purpose assays which were previously developed in the partner laboratories are performed and compared to each other to identify the optimal assay sets.

Representatives from each member of WP4 met in Düsseldorf airport for a one-day-meeting to discuss the current development of the starter assay set for nanobiomaterials. Current assay results were presented and discussed between the members with regards to applicability, reproducibility and performance. The members agreed on next steps to proceed and will develop SOPs for the starter set assays which will be checked for quality assurance under guidance of WP5 afterwards.

September 25th-27th 2018 Summer School ADRITELF Como

Meeting date:25th-27th September 2018 venue: Como.

Dr Adriele Prina-Mello, Trinity College Dublin, presented case studies focused on translational requirements where the knowledge of the regulatory is very much needed.

September 2018 11th-14th NanoInnovation Conference and exhibition Rome


Meeting date:11th-14th September 2018 venue: Rome.

Dr Adriele Prina-Mello, Trinity College Dublin, presented on “Next generation Nanomedicine development”. This presentation set the discussion with the nanomedicine stakeholders over the critical aspects for nanomedicine translation.

June 11th 2018 Consortium Meeting Venice

Meeting date: June 11th 2018 venue: Venice.

REFINE consortium met for the second time since the beginning of the project where to discuss progress and alignment with other H2020 projects and stakeholders initiatives

May 24th 2018 Jornada sobre Nanotoxicidad Barcelona

Meeting date:may 24th 2018 venue: Barcelona.

Dr Eusebio Gainza, Biopraxis Research, presentet on “Development of a regulatory scientific framework for nanomedicines in Europe”.

Today is REFINE H2020 EC project Kick off meeting.

Next 4 years to develop Regulatory Science Framework for Nano(bio)material-based Medical Products and Devices

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9th March 2018